Music From Saint Louis Missouri

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Saint Louis Missouri has a river city jazz rich musical heritage, and four local University music departments each feature a jazz program. Saint Louis also hosts a number of music clubs and several recording studios, making Saint Louis a rewarding environment for aspiring musicians perfecting their craft.

This webpage originated as a Listmania List that I provided to in 2005; a lot has changed since 2005. During The Great Recession, Saint Louis lost its two annual music free festivals, a number of music clubs closed their doors, and several regularly-performing musicians have left the Saint Louis music scene. In reconstructing this information, whenever possible I have provided contact information for Saint Louis current musicians.

Scene from the 2009 Big Muddy Blues Festival, a public music free festival on Laclede's Landing

Saint Louis's Musical History And Musical Districts

Saint Louis's Musical Heritage

Saint Louis Current Musicians

Finally, several Honorable Mentions:

The Seldom Home bluegrass band has disbanded; I enjoyed their performances. Band member Gen Obata maintains a webpage discussing the band's history and music.

The Jeff Lash Trio no longer performs regularly; I enjoyed their performances. MP3 samples of their music are available for free download on Jeff's music webpage.

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